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Your Creative Partner in Video Production

Studio FLF helps you define and refine your vision, then enables you to bring it to life in a way that resonates with your target audience. Our passion is to help you discover and create your brand image. We support our clients through the jungle of modern businesses, and help them thrive in a world where everything changes very quickly. Thus, we take advantage of the specific strengths of each company to develop a personalized action plan that will lead them to success. 

Our mission is to produce visual content that speaks to viewers, regardless of the platform used, the genre or the scale of the project. Establishment of a global strategy, filming, post-production. We ensure that our clients' projects are expertly executed from start to finish, every step of the way. 
Whether you come to us with a vague idea or a fully developed concept, we will bring your vision to life. 


6 rue du champ de l'aire - 49080 BOUCHEMAINE

09 75 25 04 26

For an application, please send us by email:

Audiovisual production
Angers - Paris - Bali

Office and studio Angers

6 rue du champ de l’aire

49080 Bouchemaine

Pari Office

16 bis rue d’Odessa

75014 Paris

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