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How video production can transform internal communications in large companies.

In the contemporary business world, internal communication plays a crucial role in the success of a company . It is essential for keeping employees informed, engaged and aligned with the organization's goals. Large companies, in particular, with their often complex structures and employees distributed across the globe, can benefit significantly from the effective use of video production.

This article explores how video can revolutionize internal communications, with a focus on training and corporate announcements.

Video content creation

More dynamic and engaging communication

Video is a powerful tool for capturing attention. Unlike emails or written newsletters, which can be easily ignored or skimmed through, a well-produced video can captivate viewers and ensure the message is not only seen but understood. Videos can be enriched with visual elements, such as graphics and animations, that help explain complex concepts in a simple and straightforward way.

Improved internal training

Training is a crucial aspect of internal communication, particularly in large companies that need to ensure their employees remain competitive and well-informed on the latest practices and technologies. Video production transforms in-house training by enabling the creation of training modules that are not only informative but also engaging.

Training videos can be viewed at any time and from any location, providing flexibility that is not possible with traditional in-person training formats. Additionally, videos can be reused for multiple sessions, reducing recurring training costs.

internal corporate video

Clear and consistent corporate announcements

For large companies, communicating changes or important announcements to the entire staff can be a challenge. Videos help deliver these announcements uniformly, ensuring all employees receive the same message. This is particularly useful for announcements from senior management, as video allows for personalization of the message, adding a human face to communications often perceived as distant or impersonal.

Corporate film production

Better information retention

Studies show that people retain information presented visually and aurally better than information that is read. Using video for internal communications can therefore increase information retention and ensure that employees understand and remember important announcements and training.

Video production is a powerful lever for improving internal communication in large companies. It provides a dynamic, modern way to engage employees, improve training, and ensure important communications are delivered efficiently and consistently.

By investing in quality video production tools and developing content tailored to their specific needs, businesses can transform the way they communicate internally, which can lead to a notable improvement in overall organizational performance.


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