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Optimize internal training with video

As part of internal training, video has established itself as an essential tool for companies concerned with efficiency and innovation. Not only does it make learning more engaging, it also offers practical solutions to the challenges posed by training large, often geographically dispersed teams. Here's a detailed exploration of using video for internal training, highlighting its many benefits and best practices for maximizing its effectiveness.

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Design of training videos

Designing training videos starts with a clear understanding of the learning objectives. Each video should be designed with a specific purpose and address its audience in a targeted manner. Things to include to ensure videos are effective include:

  • Clear educational scenarios : Define the key messages and skills to be transmitted.

  • Attractive visual content : Use graphics, animations and real-world examples to illustrate key points.

  • Interactivity : Integrate interactive quizzes or exercises to reinforce learning.

  • Compelling Storytelling : Employ clear and engaging narration to keep learners interested.

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Benefits of video for internal training

The use of video in internal training has several significant advantages:

  • Accessibility : Videos can be viewed anytime and from anywhere, ideal for employees who are working remotely or located in different regions around the world.

  • Consistency : Video ensures that the same message and quality of training is delivered to all employees, which standardizes learning across the organization.

  • Reuse : Once produced, a video can be used repeatedly, providing a cost-effective solution compared to recurring in-person training sessions.

Video is a powerful tool for optimizing internal training. By integrating well-designed videos into their training programs, companies can not only improve the effectiveness of their training, but also increase employee engagement and satisfaction. Investing in quality video production results in significant gains in learning and organizational performance.


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